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Infra-Red Sauna Benefits

Infrared saunas are being used to benefit the body in many ways. Arthritis, joint and bone pain, drug addiction, and even mild depression are shown to improve with infrared sauna therapy. It also relieves stress and improves blood circulation.


Infrared saunas also assist the body in the natural detoxification process. Every day we soak up synthetic materials and chemicals that interfere with healthy functioning of the body. Through our perspiration, unhealthy and unnatural toxins and chemicals are released. Sweating through cardiovascular exercise does this too, but stimulating the sympathetic nervous system in that way also inhibits the full release of toxins.  Those undergoing regular infrared therapy will also see an improvement in their overall skin tone and texture. The incidence of breakouts is reduced, because impurities and makeup are flushed

out of the pores during each session.


For those with asthma or other physical problems that prevent them from doing strenuous cardiovascular exercise, infrared sauna sessions may be a good alternative. The body responds to infrared radiation with increased heart rate, effectively conditioning the cardiovascular system and controlling cholesterol.

Weight loss is a secondary benefit that directly extends from the cardiovascular benefits of infrared therapy. Sweating obviously produces temporary weight loss than is regained through water, but regular infrared therapy promotes continued metabolic processes even after you leave the sauna.


So if you've wondered whether there is more to the infrared sauna than meets the eye, the answer is yes! Its an invaluable tool to be proactive in managing your own good health.

The benefits of infrared sauna use are amazing! 

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